Healthier SG

We are a Healthier SG participating clinic.

From May 2023, patients who have been under our care in 2022 for chronic illnesses (eg Diabetes, Hypertension, Lipid Disorder) will be progressively enrolled under our care. We will contact you regarding this exercise.

Other Singapore residents will receive an SMS from Ministry of Health from July 2023 onwards to select a family doctor.

You may select our clinic or any othe HSG clinics when you receive this message. if you select FAMILY MEDICARE CLINIC & SURGERY, you will be invited to book an appointment on our national HealthHub App for a free Health Plan session with us.

Find out more about Healthier SG in the official HSG Website.


Influenza Vaccination

LATEST: Influenza vaccination for SH2023 is now available. Appointment is not required. Please inform our counter staff that you wish to receive the vaccination at the time of registration.

Vaccination is not advisable if you are unwell with a fever or on certain medication. Please check with your doctor if unsure.

Protection against influenza starts about 2 weeks after vaccination. You should be vaccinated not less than 2 weeks before intended date of travel. Those in High Risk category (see below) are advised to be vaccinated against the seasonal influenza viruses at least once a year.

High Risk Persons

  • Persons aged 65 years or older;
  • Adults and children who have chronic disorders of the pulmonary or cardiovascular systems, including asthma;
  • Adults and children who have required regular medical follow-up or hospitalisation during the preceding year because of metabolic diseases (including diabetes mellitus), renal dysfunction, haemoglobinopathies or immunosuppression (including those caused by medication or by the HIV virus);
  • Children and teenagers aged 6 months to 18 years who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy
  • Women who will be in the second or third trimester of pregnancy during the influenza season.

SUBSIDISED VACCINATION is now available for Singapore Citizens who qualify under the National Adult Immunisation Schedule (NAIS).

Please call us at 65-64566582 or email us if you require more information.



Far too often, when a person is admitted into hospital, he becomes seriously ill not from the condition that he is warded for, but a bacteria infection that affects not only his lungs (causing pneumonia) but other organs as well. Sometimes, this can lead to death in vulnerable people, especially the elderly.

Pneumococcal vaccination is now offered to our senior citizens above the age of 65yrs at a highly subsidized rate.

You will be given the Pneumococcal 13 (PCV13) vaccine and a year later, the Pneumococcal 23 (PPSV23) vaccine. Repeat doses and boosters are not needed.

Appointment is not needed but you may book a slot on the National Health Appt System if invited by MOH. If you do, we will help screen to see if you qualify before you come over.


Annual Influenza Vaccination is also available and can be taken together with your Pneumococcal Vaccination.

[More about Pneumococcal Infection on HealthHub Website]


From 13 February 2023, Singapore has moved back to DORSCON GREEN. Some of the safe-distancing measures have been removed. However, for your safety and to meet other MOH regulations, you are still required to wear a mask in all Healthcare centres like our clinic. You may also be subjected to a mandatory ART or PCR swab based on existing criteria.

The clinic is zoned into Green, Blue and Red. Restrictions of some movement and seating applies. Our staff will guide you.

Please be assured that we will take all precautions and measures to ensure your safety during your visit to our clinic. We apologise for the inconvenience caused by all the above measures and trust that you will understand that they are for everybody's good.




Our resources are occasionally stretched when an upswing in Covid-19 cases occurs and we may not perform as well as you rightfully expect us to. Kindly accept our sincere apologies when we fall short. We will review our processes periodically, guard our conduct as best as possible, and hope to do better in future. Please bear with us in the meantime.


Account Patients

Patients who are on corporate accounts are reminded to bring the necessary identification and present these at registration. Identity requirements are usually set by your Employer or the Managed Care Provider your company has engaged. Please check with your Human Resource Department for details. Appropriate identification is required at each visit.

We have a long list of corporate clients and new companies are added on continuously. Many of our clients have unique requirements. Please bear with our reception staff as they run the necessary verification. You can help us by letting us know which Managed Care Programme you are on and having the appropriate ID at registration.

An ID with your photograph is usually required in addition to whatever other non-photo ID you may have to present. If your company requires you to present an Attendance Authorisation Chit, please have this ready at registration.

If you have any queries, please contact us for advice.

We have exited the MHC Medical Network managed care programmes wef 29 Dec 2022. If you were under our care for chronic disease and wish to transfer to another doctor, please let us know, and we will provide you with a transfer memo. We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused.



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